Best Jobs for Students

Getting an education is very valuable and no one can put a price on it. OK, well, that's a lie; there is a definite price on education. Some students decide to rely on financial aid, others may get scholarships, and then there are some who rely on student loans or their own money. Because school does cost some, and of course there is the cost of living, many students decide to get part-time jobs while they get their degree. So, what jobs are there for college students that can get them some extra mullah and look good on a resume?

On campus jobs are always a good option. Of course, for students who attend and online college this may not be a possibility, but there are some online colleges that do have a campus, which may hire students. There are all sorts of on campus jobs, surely you will be able to find something that you will enjoy. If you enjoy technology and are good with computers, an IT job on campus may be your thing. There are also jobs in the library, gym, and there are some administrative jobs that can look quite nice on a resume.

Sometimes being stuck on campus can make you go crazy so you might look elsewhere for a job. If you like numbers, something you might be interested in is being a bank teller. This is a great position for a college student. Most of these positions allow for flexible hours, but don't require you to work at night, that way you can study or take night classes. This job can help you build your communication skills and shows future employers that you are reliable.

There is always the option of being a waiter or waitress. There are many ways you can make this look good on a resume; you just need some creative wording. This type of job is flexible when it comes to work hours; there are all different types of shifts that are available. These positions can actually pay quite well, especially if you get a waiting job at a country club or something similar. Of course, these jobs don't offer too much when it comes to getting experience for the real world, unless you want to go into the hospitality industry.

Getting an internship, paid or unpaid, can work out quite well in the end. Of course, the unpaid internships may not seem very wonderful since the whole reason is to get paid, but think of it as being paid with knowledge and experience to help you after college. An internship, or even a work study program, can counts as college credit depending on the school and job. Having an internship in your field of study looks great on a resume and lets employers know that you are a hard worker and know what you are doing.

When it comes to getting a job while in school, remember that your education does come first. Yes, there are bills to pay and things to do, but when it comes down to it; you got a job so you could afford to learn. If you feel as though a job simply isn't enough to pay for you classes, you can apply for financial aid or scholarships.

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