Enhancing Photography Skills With A College Degree

Photography Majors

Earning your Bachelor's degree in photography can be exciting for students who enjoy working with different types of cameras and discovering more about the photo process. The evolution of the world of picture taking, including discussions about the function of photography as an art form, are intriguing and invites you to become a part of the conversation during your four years in college.

Layout of the Program

The 48 months that you are in college will take you through various courses that will enhance your creative expression through capturing images. Liberal arts work will act as the foundation for your education as you slowly ease into working with the equipment. Colleges often have many supplies for rent for the use of students, so accessing different types of cameras and lenses will be a benefit of your education.

When you get deeper into your program, you will find yourself learning about the history of this medium as well as its use today. Practicing different techniques and creating effects with the camera based on the skills you have learned will allow you to use the knowledge in a unique way that incorporates your perspective.

Getting into College

Many programs of this nature will ask you to demonstrate your experience with photos, and even submit a portfolio. Showing your own encounters with photography will show admissions staff that you are ready for the commitment to this field. Completing your high school education, or your GED, are always prerequisites for a four-year program like this. Test scores are also often requested, most commonly the SAT.

Different Cameras

There are two major populations of camera, and they are film and digital. Up until recently, people have used film cameras to capture their special moments, but with the rise of digital photography, people have more control over their own pictures and find that they save money on getting pictures developed. The dark room is becoming somewhat of a novelty, left for enthusiasts. Your college education will give you the opportunity to experience both types of photography.


Job prospects are quite varied in this field. You can choose to be a photographer for newspapers or magazines, known as photojournalism. People also find jobs capturing images at events like weddings, school pictures, sporting events, and so on. These are just a couple of examples of places you can seek employment.

Also, you can choose to work for a company or start your own. Over 50 percent of people in this field are employed independently. Doing freelance work in addition to working for another photography company is also an option. Scheduling can be unpredictable due to the nature of this occupation, but jobs are fulfilling for people who enjoy working with cameras.

Getting an education is an important way to solidify your base of knowledge in a certain area. Going to college and earning your degree will give you the chance to explore different methods of capturing images and also the opportunity to develop your own unique style and portfolio. If you have a hectic schedule, you can always earn your Bachelor's degree online. Just be sure that you are getting an accredited degree.

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