Tips For Poor Writers to Get Through College

Some people are very smart- and simply do not like to write, or do not have great writing skills. Many people have not gone to college, or have dropped out due to mediocre writing skills. This does not need to happen. If you are a poor writer, then you can absolutely get through college.

First, if your college has any remedial writing courses, take one. This does not mean that you are dumb, it simply means you need a brush up on writing. These courses are offered at almost all colleges. If you want, you can try to take one the summer before your first semester, so you are ready to go when the semester starts.

Another great resource that most colleges offer is a writing lab or writing center. These are labs which are staffed with very good writers. These people can help you write and edit your papers. They may also be able to teach you some tricks to make writing less painful and go quicker.

One of the reasons why many students struggle writing in college is because the expectations are different than they were in high school. Academic writing is quite different than the essays you are probably used to. Luckily, most colleges offer college composition courses for first year students to help them transition into this different type of writing.

It will help you, also, to keep in mind what college writing is. It is writing written by scholars, to be read by scholars. Keep in mind that now that you are in college, you are a scholar as well. Because of this, the subjects written are often of interest to the scholarly community. The two things you must look out for when choosing a subject is if it is relevant, and appropriate. You are not just responding to a question, but instead teaching new concepts, arguing new ideas, and providing case studies or experiments to prove theories.

As I said earlier, writing labs, professors and teaching assistant are your best friends when it comes to writing. Do not be afraid to ask them about your subject matter, topic, or even to read over a first draft prior to grading. The more people you can get advice from, the better your paper will be. Often, students are scared to show their paper to others, but this way you can work the kinks out before it needs to be graded.

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