Legacy of the SEC

Unless you have been living under a rock your whole life, you know that colleges are typically divided into conferences. These conferences come into play during athletic competitions. As the conferences continue to make headlines and fight about who is best, we wondered if these conferences were anything more than just athletics. Since it has been in the news quite a lot lately, I decided to look at the SEC. With so many schools wanting to be in the SEC and the national championship titles, I assumed it was all about athletics and money. However, this article will take a look at the conference and help you learn a little bit more about how it became the powerhouse that we know it as today.

If you haven't guessed yet, SEC stands for the Southeastern Conference. Therefore, the SEC encompasses schools predominately from the Southeastern part of the country. The SEC was founded in December, 1932. Members of the Southern Conference were unhappy and met together to discuss the formation of their own conference. Ten of the current schools involved in the SEC were part of the original formation group. After a few changes the 10 remained the whole conference until they added two new schools in 1991. The SEC was the first conference to work with the NCAA and develop an east versus west championship within their own conference.

Those who have attended and SEC school know that competition is fierce, and that every school believes it is truly better than the next. This makes it one of the toughest conferences in terms of sports. Nine of the twelve current teams have all had their chance to duel it out every year for the SEC Championship. Currently, the east division leads the series. On a national level also, for the last six years a SEC team has won the national championship title. In fact, this year it was two SEC schools that battled it out for the national trophy. Also three of the last five Heisman trophy winners were from and SEC school.

Not to be outshined by football, both women's and men's basketball teams, and the baseball team also perform with exceptional results in the SEC. As a conference whole, the SEC continues to pick up the top honors winning the college world series and the NCAA basketball tournaments. Currently, with all the sports combined LSU, Arkansas, and Georgia have the most nation titles won by an SEC school.

So if you are going to college soon what does this mean to you? Have you even decided if you want to go to a traditional school or if you want to get an online degree? All of these awards may seem like bragging, but with the national titles, comes big money. Money leads to furthering education. When you are looking at a school whether it be online or an actual campus, it is important to make sure that the school has a good reputation and is part of an organization that will continue to work to foster your education.